The Clinic has two different interconnected sections: the prestigious villa “Liberty”, which belonged to Engineer Romeo (the founder of the Italian car maker Alfa Romeo) designed by Architect Sommaruga at the beginning of the twentieth century, and built in an ancient park, and the main Clinic, with four floors, designed by Architect Giò Ponti immediately after the second world war.
The villa, as well as the park and the Clinic by Giò Ponti, are under the supervision of the Italian Ministry of Fine Arts.

Care for the health of the patient by achieving the excellence of care and hospitalization, using the most advanced technologies is the main mission of the Clinic. For this reason Columbus Clinic Center is equipped with State-of-the-Art technological instruments. The new “hybrid” operating room and the other five surgical rooms are all equipped with a system for robotic surgery and are a sign of the Clinic focus on the constant evolutions of medicine.