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The Clinic

Caring for patient health by achieving excellence in care and hospitalization, using the latest technology is the main mission of the Clinic. For this reason, Columbus Clinic Center’s seven operating rooms and the newest Hemodynamics room are equipped with state-of-the-art robotic surgery systems and feature the highest level of technological instrumentation. This demonstrates attention to the constant evolution of medicine.

The Clinic has adopted the Code of Ethics and the Organizational Model in accordance with Legislative Decree. 231/2001
Whisteleblowing Reports


Private clinic in Milano

Columbus Clinic is located in Milan, in the “Fiera” area, next to the new “City Life” area and near the entrance of the Highways for Turin, Venice and the Italian lakes. The Clinic is easily reachable by public transportation. Travel information

In order to make your stay in Milan more comfortable, you can indicate the services you need by filling out the Service Request Form.

The rooms

The pleasure of making patients feel that they are in a technologically equipped but very comfortable place is a core value of the Clinic. For inpatients, Columbus Clinic Center has 90 comfortable rooms, divided into “standard” and “deluxe.”

Additional hotel services and nursing care are available in “deluxe” rooms to meet any request. Book now

Operating theaters

The Clinic is equipped with 7 operating rooms of the highest technological level, always kept at the forefront of technology to perform procedures according to the latest surgical techniques. In the brand new Hemodynamics Room, interventional cardiology and radiology, electrophysiology and endovascular surgery vprocedures are performed.

Sophisticated equipment, such as the two ‘Da Vinci’ robotic surgery systems and the “Mako” system, are located in the operating blocks. Surgical procedures using an image-guided neurosurgery navigation system are also performed.
In addition, the Clinic has the latest instruments needed to perform surgical procedures in arthroscopy, laparoscopy and digestive endoscopy.


The Clinic consists of two distinct but closely interconnected bodies: the prestigious ‘Liberty’ villa designed by architect Sommaruga in the early 1900s and its centuries-old park, which belonged to engineer Romeo (founder of car manufacturer Alfa Romeo), and the actual 4-story Clinic, designed by architect Giò Ponti in the immediate postwar period.
The villa, as well as the park and the Giò Ponti Clinic, are under the aegis of the Superintendence of Fine Arts.