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Columbus Clinic Center is a private Clinic that offers high level surgical procedures. The patient is followed by professionals, with proven experience and excellent skills, in every phase of the clinical pathway: diagnostic investigations, surgical procedures, recovery and also during the whole rehabilitation.

Advanced Technologies

Excellence in the treatment using the most advanced technologies and the best human resources

Professionalism and competence

Constant commitment in the training of medical, nursing, technical and administrative staff

The Patient


All the patient’s needs and well-being are constantly taken care of

Treatments excellence

Passion, competence, excellence in all the services offered to the patients

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VITILIGO, an unpredictable disease By Dr. Giovanni Leone Dr. Andrea Paro Vidolin – Specialist in Dermatology and Venereology – Columbus Clinic Center Vitiligo is an acquired skin disorder characterized by pale white and depigmented well-limited, uniform patches. The edges of the patch may be irregular, yet always clearly visible. Occasionally, a hyperpigmented margin is seen.…


BONE DENSITOMETRY  TESTING (DXA) The core mission of Columbus Clinic Center is to be constantly at the forefront of innovation: the recently-established hemodynamic monitoring in the operating room, in addition to the 7 operating theaters equipped with robotic surgical instruments, are a demonstration of the Clinic’s commitment to the constant evolution of medicine. Consistent with…


HIP OSTEOARTHRITIS: hip resurfacing By Dr. Pierantonio Gardelin – Orthopedic surgery specialist – Columbus Clinic Center Hip Osteoarthritis is an increasingly common pathology among sportspeople. In order to prevent the disease from interrupting a sports career or sporting activity, as is likely to happen to young tennis player Andy Murray, it is necessary to implant…

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Columbus Clinic Center provide a 24H medical and anesthesiologist service day and night for hospitalized patients

The Clinic has an Intensive Care Unit for medical emergencies and post-surgical needs