Paramedical Reconstructive Dermopigmentation is aimed at concealing conspicuous areolar marks and periareolar scars, completely recreating the areola and nipple arrangement after either unilateral or bilateral mastectomy in order to restore, as much as possible, the original appearance and mask blemishes; the technique can also be used to recreate the chromatic effect/color of excessively pale areolae and enlarge the diameter of small areolae.


Permanent make-up or micropigmentation is the technique of using tattooing for cosmetic purposes to intensify facial features, enhancing or correcting eyebrows, lips and eye-liner, adding color to camouflage blemishes caused by altered pigmentation, concealing scars and recreating the chromatic effect of areolae.

Micropigmentation differs from traditional tattooing techniques in that the equipment used is more delicate and lighter, the micronized pigments are introduced more superficially than with conventional tattoos and specific manual skills have been studied and perfected for this type of treatment


  • Cosmetic massage
  • Lymphatic drainage massage
  • LPG – LIPOMASSAGE and ENDERMOLIFT, a body tissue stimulation technique that acts in a targeted manner on cellulitis, relaxation and remodeling, but also on blood flow. It has a slimming effect on the body, with a clear reduction in volumes. Skin quality and esthetic appearance are visibly improved, with smoothing of adiposity. The cellular regeneration induced by Lipomassage reactivates the natural production of collagen fibers and elastin. The skin becomes firmer, more elastic and tonic.

Non-invasive method, with no side effects.


Targeted facial exercises for each type of face to improve tone, making the skin healthier.