The Abdominal Wall Robotic Unit, led by Dr. Antonio Darecchio, is the first unit in Italy to use minimally invasive robotic surgery for treating diastasis recti, inguinal hernia, and cholecystectomy.

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The main activities of the Abdominal Wall Robotic Unit are the following:

  • Ultrasound procedures performed during an outpatient visit.
  • Robotic surgery for minimally invasive treatment of abdominal diastasis, inguinal hernia, and gallstones.
  • Combined plastic and aesthetic surgery procedures for the simultaneous treatment of conditions using a conventional surgical method.

The Columbus Clinic Abdominal Wall Robotic Unit is the result of a collaboration with Dr. Antonio Darecchio, an Italian general surgeon who has gained advanced skills during his time at cutting-edge facilities in the Swiss Confederation, expert in abdominal wall robotics with extensive experience in Italy, a large surgical caseload, and considered one of the foremost leaders in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.