by Dr. Antonio Ottaviani – Plastic Surgeon – Columbus Clinic Centre

Most people do not know that the nose, besides being an essential part of fundamental facial aesthetics, is also a real organ with specific and important functions.

Besides declaring themselves disatisfied with how their nose looks, patients often complain about having problems breathing.

When we analyse the anatomy of these patients, we nearly always find a deviated nasal septum that partially obstructs the nasal cavities.

In these cases, a functional rhinoplasty surgical approach needs to be adopted to straighten and reposition the deviated septum in the centre of the nose and free the airways.

In addition to the obvious problem of achieving a correctly positioned septum, the objective of this type of surgery should always be to maintain optimal function in relation to the supporting structures of bone and cartilage.

The post-surgical recovery after rhinoplasty must also be considered. In fact, in the past, patients were extremely apprehensive of the pain and facial swelling they thought they would have to deal with.

Today, thanks to new conservative techniques, the post-operative period is practically painless, with little inconvenience and minimal swelling.

Patients also worry about removal of the nasal tampon packing.

The type of tampon packing used today does not stick to the inner nasal wall and is very easy to remove with no pain whatsoever.

The only thing a patient who is preparing to undergo this type of surgery needs to worry about is whether the surgeon he or she goes to is capable of programming and performing an operation that respects the guidelines of modern rhinoplasty surgery.