Dr. Alessandra Segre – Psychologist – Psychotherapist – Columbus Clinic Center

The Anglosaxons call it #post vacation blues, and some studies show that around 3 out of 10 Italians also suffer from what they usually call “back to work” syndrome. This is when we find ti difficult to adapt to going back to work and when we have to get back into our usual routine after our holidays have finished. It manifests itself through a variety of symptoms, the most frequent of which are being irritable, a sense of listlessness, tiredness, or general dissatisfaction, disturbed sleep, headaches and problems concentrating.

In most cases, all we need to do is to get back into things gradually, trying, as far as possible, to get into a good sleep pattern and to eat regular meals. Getting back into the habit of doing enough physical exercise and adopting a healthy diet will also help.

In acute cases, with particuarly severe symptoms which last over an extended period of time, it could be useful to consult a psychologist. In fact, a psychologist can offer support to those individuals who are depressed or anxious, and who feel stressed, therefore avoiding the risk that the general sense of distress worsens and the situation becomes more complicated.