HIP OSTEOARTHRITIS: hip resurfacing

By Dr. Pierantonio Gardelin – Orthopedic surgery specialist – Columbus Clinic Center

Hip Osteoarthritis is an increasingly common pathology among sportspeople. In order to prevent the disease from interrupting a sports career or sporting activity, as is likely to happen to young tennis player Andy Murray, it is necessary to implant a prosthesis. Indeed, in the case of sportspeople affected by arthritis, the best option is resurfacing.

«A femoral resurfacing prosthesis – explains Dr. Pierantonio Gardelin – allows to keep the femoral bone and physiological/biomechanical functions intact. What makes this possible is a special implant which covers the head of the femur through a minimally invasive technique, thus avoiding its removal. In fact, hip resurfacing involves placing a metal cap on the femoral head instead of removing the head of the femoral bone. The cap is virtually the same size as the head, so there is no need to replace it with smaller prosthetic heads. Thanks to this, patients perceive the movement of the joint as natural, they feel stable with reduced risks of dislocation and are aware of their movements. In addition, the femoral resurfacing prosthesis is a more durable solution than other prosthetic options, also thanks to the material used (a high-quality, flawless metal alloy) which can withstand high loads without risk of damage».


Why is hip resurfacing suitable for athletes?

A Femoral Resurfacing Prosthesis is particularly recommended for athletes because, keeping the femur bone intact, it allows a greater sensitivity and stability of the movement, which are two key components to the success of a sports performance. Another important element is the fact that resurfacing is more resistant and long-lasting, which allows to keep on practising the sport, without the intense articulation effort damaging the prosthesis prematurely.