The Abdominal Wall Robotic Unit is the first unit of its kind to be operating in Italy. Under the direction of Dr. Antonio Darecchio, it makes regular use of mini-invasive robotic surgery to cure abdominal diastasis and inguinal hernia.

The main activities of the Abdominal Wall Robotic Unit are:

• Outpatients unit with an ultrasound scanner for immediate examination during the appointment.

• Robotic surgery for mini-invasive treatment of abdominal diastasis and inguinal hernia.

• Integrated treatment approach using plastic and cosmetic surgery alongside traditional surgical procedures.

The Abdominal Wall Robotic Unit of the Columbus Clinic Center is the result of a collaboration between the Italian surgeon Dr. Antonio Darecchio and the Swiss Confederation, and is highly specialised in robotic surgery of the abdominal wall. It is the most experienced unit in Italy with the highest number of patients treated and the top specialists in the field of reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery.

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